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The best fangirl (week 30 uit het 52 weken project)

It didn't take me very long to find a cab. One of those beautiful old cars with a coupé seat. Of course I rode backwards, staring at the light drizzle that had welcomed me to London. A very typical English day.
It had rained when I left home, so technically, drizzle was a step up. Some cars were honking, people rushed by, folding and unfolding umbrella's according to their need to be dry or not. No kids in the streets. I checked my watch. Oh wait, I had to set it an hour back. It was still school-time apparently.
The cap dropped me off in front of the hotel where I would be staying. A room for one. Just me. On my own. A few days in London. Or more, should I decide to. I really had nothing to pull me back on short notice. School finished, no job yet, no house, no rent. I took a deed breath, after having some trouble paying the driver. Lucky for me he was patient with the nervous Dutch girl.

First thing I did was bring my bags up to the room I booked on the internet. Paid up front, so no problems there.
Looking out the window I saw the drizzle had stopped for the time being. Great! Time to roam the city. <lees meer...>


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